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Life Magazine :

A magazine of superior printing quality, Jamila is an attractive, exciting and prestigious magazine. It gathers and challenges its readers to new horizons of concerns, enthusiasm and ever increasing interest.
Launched in 1998 as a monthly magazine, Jamila has confidently progressed to be the leading high class people magazine in the State of Qatar.
With today's increasing demand of achieving the highest levels of beauty, Jamila sends out a strong message presented in its logo, "Beauty is within you". As Jamila tackles beauty in all its amazing and meaningful elements, it also satisfies the taste and interests of a wide segment of the society, and covers local and social news , in addition to international public figures and famous social icons news.

Among many of Jamila's unique personality traits in terms of content and design , the real source of Jamila power lays in its distribution concept. It distributes (25,000 copies) in Qatar - Emirates - Bahrain - Kuwait - Egypt - Syria - VIP Special distribution - Annual subscription - Qatar Airways.
In addition to the leading , luxurious hotels .

Learn something new..
Get healthy
Improve your skills.. work creatively..
Forgive.. open your heart
Share your soul mate life & love
Live your soul mate life& love
Live your life with passion
Know the beauty is within you
Live a beautiful life..
With jamila..
تعلم اشياء جديدة ممتعة
تمتع بصحة أفضل
طور قدراتك.. واعمل بإبداع
شارك رفيق روحك.. الحب والحياة
تسامح.. واضحك من قلبك
كن جميلاً.. من الداخل والخارج
عش حياتك بشغف..
عيش حياة جميلة مع جميلة





December 2011
Issue 125

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